HPF Series Compact Filtration System

Part Number: HPF
Standard capacity & flow rate
NSF/ ANSI Standard 42
Fountain, drinking water, juice & specialty beverages
Reduces off-taste, foul odors, sediment, and particulates

Product Overview:

Selecto’s newest HPF platform combines high capacity and versatility in a compact package! Innovative modular design allows you to create systems uniquely configured to meet the requirements of your specific equipment and operations.


System Size Chlorine Capacity
HPF 1000 40,000 gal. @ 2.5 gpm
HPF 2000 80,000 gal. @ 5 gpm
HPF 3000 120,000 gal. @ 7.5 gpm
HPF 4000 160,000 gal. @ 10 gpm