HPF HC416-MP - NanoSmart™ Series, 16" filtration system (Formerly Selecto HPF 107-1000+)

Part Number: HPF HC416-MP (cartridge) + KP-300-651 (single manifold)
Compact design with high capacity and flow rates
NSF/ ANSI Standard 42
Fountain, coffee/tea, drinking water & juice
Reduces off-taste, foul odors, sediment, particulates, cysts and scale causing minerals

Product Overview:

KineticoPRO’s innovative NanoSmart™ compact HPF water filters remove a wide range of pathogens and contaminants. Our NanoSmart water filters utilize a combination of electro-adsorptive pleated material and ultra-porous, hollow carbon to help remove microbial cysts, chlorine, chloramines, trace pharmaceuticals, and other inorganic contaminants delivering clean and safe ingredient water throughout your operations.

This product was formerly the Selecto HPF 1000+ (#107-1000+) and has been rebranded under our new KineticoPRO brand umbrella. Same great performance, with a new fresh look!

EPA Est. No. 92879-GA-1

System Size Chlorine Capacity
HPF Single 40,000 gal. @ 2.5 gpm
HPF Double 80,000 gal. @ 5 gpm
HPF Triple 120,000 gal. @ 7.5 gpm
HPF Quad 160,000 gal. @ 10 gpm


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