KineticoPRO CP-Series POE Water Softening Systems

Part Number: CP-Series
Medium to high flow & capactiy
NSF/ ANSI/ CAN Standard 61
Point-of-Entry (POU) for multiple applications
Reduce hardness and scale causing minerals

Product Overview:

CP Series softeners take advantage of Kinetico's 50 years as an innovator in water treatment. Our classic twin tank design ensures that your business gets as much quality soft water as you need, whenever you need it. Whenever the softener needs to regenerate, it seamlessly switches to the other tank.
The demand-operated, non-electric valve regenerates the resin based on actual water use rather than a timer or computer, so you save on salt and wastewater. Our soft water, countercurrent regeneration process maintains the softener's resin integrity for longer, so you experience less downtime for maintenance.