KPMF HC610 MP-PP - NanoSmart™ Series, 10" filtration system + scale control

Part Number: KPMF HC610-MP-PP (catridge) + KP-300-777 (single manifold)
High capacity & flow rate
NSF/ANSI Certified Standards 53
Fountain, coffee/tea, drinking water & juice
Reduces off-taste, foul odors, sediment, particulates, cysts and scale causing minerals

Product Overview:

Discover our NanoSmart™ technology with this filtration system suitable for any application such as fountain, ice machine, juice and drinking water. Designed to remove bacteria, reduce chlorine, undesirable taste & odor. The NanoSmart™ technology utilizes electro-adsorptive material designed to help reduce microbial contaminants and chemicals. This system uses 100 percent activated, hollow carbon with no binding agent delivering high capacities and flow rates with minimal pressure drop. Using filtered water improves the reliability of water-using equipment and enhances guest satisfaction.


System Size Chlorine Capacity Scale Reduction
KPRO Single 50,000 gal. @ 4 gpm 50,000 gal. @ 4 gpm
KPRO Double 100,000 gal. @ 8 gpm 100,000 gal. @ 8 gpm
KPRO Triple 150,000 gal. @ 12 gpm 150,000 gal. @ 12 gpm
KPRO Quad 200,000 gal. @ 16 gpm 200,000 gal. @ 16 gpm