KPMF HC610-PFAS - PFAS Series, 10" PFOA/ PFOS reduction filter cartridge

Part Number: KPMF HC610-PFAS (cartridge) + KP-300-777 (single manifold)
Compact design & turbo flow technology
Reduces bad taste & odors, reduces contaminants & sediments

Product Overview:

KineticoPRO's NEW 10" PFAS Filter has been designed to help remove PFOS/PFOA, chlorine, chloramine, taste, odor and sediment from your water source, providing clean water to your facility. Our 100% binder-free activated Hollow Carbon technology is designed to maximize performance and reduce harmful contaminants, like PFAS chemicals. This filter is uniquely engineered with a ultra high porosity catalytic carbon and a turbo flow technology that evenly distributes water flow and helps reduce clogging. Our KPMF modular design allows for easy capacity expansion as needed.

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