KPMF HC620-PP - HC Series, 20" filtration system + scale control

Part Number: KPMF HC620-PP (cartridge) + KP-300-777 (single manifold)
High capacity & flow rate
NSF/ ANSI Standard 42
Steamers/ combi-ovens and brewers
Reduces off-taste, foul odors, sediment, particulates, and scale causing minerals

Product Overview:

Water is the number one ingredient in both hot and cold beverages. Poor water quality can negatively impact beverage flavor, clarity, odor and leave a lasting impact on your guest’s experience. 30% of patrons stated they may not return to a restaurant due to a negative beverage experience*. Water contains impurities such as sediment, VOCs ,microorganisms, scale causing minerals, chemicals, and organics. Municipalities utilize chlorine and chloramine to disinfect and kill germs, which significantly impacts your beverage flavor and odor.

KineticoPRO's high capacity HC Series filters use binder-free, 100 percent activated, hollow carbon technology to filter water at a high flow rate with a minimal pressure drop. Our HC-PP filter solutions also contain a food grade poly phosphate media to remove scale causing minerals, keeping your water lines prestine and your equipment free and clear of scale build-up.

This product was formerly Selecto IC series and has been rebranded under our new KineticoPRO brand umbrella. Same great performance, with a new fresh look!


System Size Chlorine Capacity Chloramine Capacity Scale Reduction
KPRO Single 100,000 gal. @ 10 gpm 35,000 gal. @ 1.7 gpm 100,000 gal. @ 10 gpm
KPRO Double 200,000 gal. @ 20 gpm 70,000 gal. @ 3.4 gpm 200,000 gal. @ 20 gpm
KPRO Triple 300,000 gal. @ 30 gpm 105,000 gal. @ 5.1 gpm 300,000 gal. @ 30 gpm
KPRO Quad 400,000 gal. @ 40 gpm 140,000 gal. @ 6.8 gpm 400,000 gal. @ 40 gpm


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