SMF IM614 - Selecto IM Series, 14" scale control system (Transitioning to KP-300-777 + KPMF IPC614-PP)

Part Number: IM614
High capacity & flow rate
Ice Machines
Reduces lime and scale causing minerals

Product Overview:

Ice quality significantly impacts the flavor and smell of beverages and the overall beverage experience. Feeding water containing particulates, minerals, chlorine, chloramine or other contaminants to your ice machines will significantly impact the look and taste of the cubes and the beverages they chill. Additionally, minerals in water can cause damaging scale build up in your ice machine, leading to costly equipment downtime, service repairs and dissatisfied customers. Utilizing the optimal ice filtration solutions will help deliver clean, contaminant-free, and great tasting ice while helping to prolong the life of your equipment.

Our Selecto high capacity IM Series filtration solutions are designed for Ice Machines. The IM series solutions are optimal for flaker/ soft ice machines to protect against scale causing minerals which optimizes the production of ice and prlongs the life of your equipment.


System Size Scale Reduction
Selecto Single Up to 105,000 gal. @ 7gpm
Selecto Double Up to 210,000 gal. @ 14 gpm
Selecto Triple Up to 315,000 gal. @ 21 gpm
Selecto Quad Up to 420,000 gal. @ 28 gpm

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