HPF HC416-PP - HC Series, 16" filtration system + scale control (Formerly Selecto HPF 107-1000S)

Part Number: HPF HC416-PP (cartridge) + KP-300-651 (single manifold)
Compact design with high capacity and flow rates
NSF/ ANSI Standard 42
Ice machines, steamers/ combi-ovens & coffee/tea brewers
Reduces off-taste, foul odors, sediment, particulates, and scale causing minerals

Product Overview:

Water is the number one ingredient in beverages. The quality of water can have a negative impact on beverage and ice quality, flavor, clarity, and aroma. KineticoPRO's HPF HC-PP water filters contain polyphosphates to reduce scale buildup, and use 100% activated, hollow carbon to filter water at a high flow rate with a minimal pressure drop. Using filtered water improves the reliability of water-using equipment and enhances guest satisfaction. This filter solution is optimal for businesses who need a high performing filter with a compact design for those space constrained.

This product was formerly the Selecto HPF 1000S (#107-1000S) and has been rebranded under our new KineticoPRO brand umbrella. Same great performance, with a new fresh look!

System Size Chlorine Capacity Scale Reduction
HPF Single 40,000 gal. @ 2.5 gpm 40,000 gal. @ 2.5 gpm
HPF Double 80,000 gal. @ 5 gpm 80,000 gal. @ 5 gpm
HPF Triple 120,000 gal. @ 7.5 gpm 120,000 gal. @ 7.5 gpm
HPF Quad 160,000 gal. @ 10 gpm 160,000 gal. @ 10 gpm


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